Instant Printed Photography In Seconds Just Like this Actual Example. Includes Graphic Overlay too! Imagine Branding Your Photos
with text or graphics to give
as gifts to your guests
within seconds!

That's Wow!
That's the Rejuvenation Center !


Motion Sensitive T.V. Monitors turn on automatically when Palm Springs Rejuvenation SPACE Center guests walk in front of them. Selling Artists services in new ways with technology!!




student interns rejuvenation center




About Us

What makes the Rejuvenation SPACE Center so unique?

We know of no other venue that can offer the transformative sensory experiences available at the Rejuvenation Center. Through our focus on sound and visual arts, we are positioned as an innovator in the fields of consciousness expansion, arts education, enrichment and truly unique enrichment and enjoyment. 

Here are just a few examples

4D Multi-sensory experiences – Our vibra acoustic sound chairs and ottomans are designed to maximize the sound, body-mind experience while listening and watching related video content on ultra hi-end audio and video equipment.  Our super HD videos, shown on giant screens along with aromatherapy, further maximize this unique all-body experience.  We also plan to add an acoustically designed floor to enhance yoga practice and other experiences. Our intent is to positively affect the lives of our clients, students and associates.  We are inspired by the evidence of the positive effects of sound as shown in many research projects.   "The medicine of the future will be music and sound." Edgar Cayce.  

Instant Photography and Printing – Using state of the art digital and wireless technologies, photos appear on giant screens just 3 seconds after they are taken, creating a wow factor at any Rejuvenation Center event.  Designed to be both interactive and intuitive.

Your guests will be impressed receving a 4 x 6 print just 15 seconds after the image is taken. We even customize the 4 x 6 print for you with your own wording and graphics to presonalize this unique instant photography experience.

The example on left is of a beautiful template printed right onto the 4 x 6 we gave to these Los Angeles guests.










Interactive Art Exhibits – Our students and staff prepare and edit audio and video recordings of an artist’s description of each work shown at the Rejuvenation Center.  Guests view the recorded information on audio video screens which automatically turn on and off in an interactive fashion as the guests move around the exhibit.   This unique kind of art exhibit is both informative and fascinating for both the artists and guests alike.






Student Internship Program – The Rejuvenation Center offers hands-on  audio, photography, sound bed and video production experience to intern students and adults.  The students and adults have the opportunity to take some course content at no charge or  at reduced rates to give as many as possible an opportunity to experience some of the transformative experiences  at the Rejuvenation Center  like meditation and yoga.  The training in technological as well as life skills is our contribution to the community and to the lives of our young people and adults.  We have already established relationships and will be encouraging student internships with schools, and colleges.

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