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Our Services

  • Sound Chair & Sound Products Sales There is a great demand for our sound chairs and sound-chair, audio video program content.  Our marketing of these products is extensive and extends to other regions. Products are sold on site at the Rejuvenation Center and through the Internet.

  • Sound Chair Rental – Initial 8-minute sound chair sessions for first time users will be offered free as a teaser. Thereafter the chairs will rent for $30 for 30 minutes, $50 for 60 minutes and $75 for 90 minutes.


  • Venue Rental – The Rejuvenation Center is a sought-after place for many events such as Corporate Retreat Functions, Meditations, Artists presentations, parties, etc.  Our special drawing cards are our sound floor / chair technology, instant photography, HD video production and the various other interactive technology experiences unique to the Rejuvenation Center.



  • General Admission Fees on Presentations, On-Going Activities, etc – We have become a site for weekly movie nights, DJ and music nights, and other social events.  An admission fee is being charged for some of these events.  4D (aromatherapy and feeling senses), movie experiences, for example, excels over anything available elsewhere.  The Rejuvenation Center is a fun, inspiring and transforming center unlike any other venue.





  • Yoga Classes, etc We provide space for a fee to yoga teachers and others who wish to utilize our sound floor and other audio/video offerings to give their students enhanced experiences while practicing Yoga

  • What makes our yoga floor so UNIQUE & Therapeutic are the vibrating floor frequencies you feel and experience complimenting your existing yoga experience.








  • Memberships Monthly membership dues drive recurring revenue.  We expand our membership through comprehensive member benefits.  Membership plans are structured to allow members to determine the frequency of visits to the Center and their degree of participation.  We offer four levels of membership: Introductory, Friend, Frequent Artist and Sponsor.  Clients and guests receive a monthly newsletter to keep them informed of our diverse calendar of programs and events.  They receive a 15% discount on retail purchases and event fees.